Policy on our leathers

Our Policy on Leather

As a small business we care about where our products come from. We only use leathers that are taken in a way we feel comfortable with and will not use products we do not know where they came from or how they were sourced. We insist that our leathers are a byproduct of the animal and not the reason the it was harvested. We believe that the animal gave its life and as stewards of this Earth we must utilize every part of that animal. Nothing must go to waste, and that is how we honor that animal. If you would like more information on the characteristics of our different leathers click here.



Just like we want you to support American makers, we also want to do the same thing. We only use American made hides and every tannery we use must practice their business in a way that is healthy for the environment and also does so in a ethical way.


Our cowhide leather is our most popular leather. All of our hides are a byproduct of the beef industry. All of our cowhides are sustainably sourced and farmed with ethical practices.

American Bison

American Bison is farm raised for meat similar to the cattle industry. All of our bison hides are from sustainable sources and raised 100% in the USA. Like all of our leathers we support ethically raised animal production and methods.

American Alligator

American Alligator is either farm raised or wild caught. Being a controlled species all of our alligator hides have been harvested and tagged with a CITES tag. This tag is required to regulate the population. This tag signifies the hide is sustainable and harvested through legal means. Each tag is serial numbered. If you would like more information on CITE tags click here.

Whitetail Deer

All of white tail deer hides are from farm raised sources or wild caught. The white tail deer population is well over 30 million in the united states and extreme sustainable. White tail deer are not harvested only for their hides so our leather is a byproduct of their meat production.

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